Tuesday, October 06, 2015

HD Voice on the mobile (and fixed?) means better conversations and Friars House

My phone waits patiently
A couple of times recently I've called a friend on the mobile phone and been astounded by the quality of the call (technically rather than from a basis of valuing of the intellectual level of the conversation although that was pretty good too).

The sound quality was pretty staggering (to me) and although the call switched to 'standard' after some time it really did improve the quality of communication - I'm someone who uses the 'phone extensively for a volunteering role and I'd be interested to know if this was something that we'll have as standard in time as it makes it possible to be able to hear a great deal more intonations and subtleties of those on the call.

Me and the person I call apparently both use what was the EE network (I'm with BT and he's on Virgin) and if you're with one of these providers I guess you might also be lucky if  both you and the other person on the call are on this network - It'd be a real benefit on one of those blessed conference calls too.

The HD calls show what mobile phone microphones are capable of - although I'm not sure which mobile phones are capable of working at this level - mine a Nokia Lumia though obviously can deliver.

It seems that the possibility of 'HD voice'  (here's a bit about it) is written into the specification of mobile services but due to different implementations the mobile phone operators in the UK are unable to deliver the service across different networks currently - if you've had a call yourself or know about how to maximise this facility do let me know - (email me).

It's been suggested that competition and demand will mean that operators will introduce this (it'll mean we have longer better calls) I reckon fixed line wont want to be left out either (I saw this BT press release on improving quality of calls) - let's press for better quality calls (in all ways).


Friars House

While I'm trying to elicit feedback- Anyone know any more (than this) abouty this London relief ?

As you can see when you're up close; it's literally a Black friar.

It's on  the corner of Pocock Street and Blackfriars in Southwark and is by the Sculptor Edward Bainbridge Copnall who died in 1973

Edward was the son of a famous photographer and the father of an artist.

I like it but not sure of the story behind it (email me)

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