Monday, May 18, 2015

Turtle Bay and bye to referenced artist Chris Burden

Turtle Bay- Open since last year but still has a buzz
This weekend we made it to the Caribbean in Ealing (well a  Caribbean restaurant anyway).

It wasn't our first go at dining at Turtle Bay but such is the popularity of this restaurant/bar that previously we couldn't get in - so this time we booked.

In fact looking up the name  I see it's a bit of chain (a surprisingly high 15 so far) but that here I wouldn't consider a disadvantage and what could be too individual a view on the theme might not work,

As a short review I'd say it was good - really nice to have something that's a little out of the ordinary, some questions about authenticity but I'm sure that there's some regional variations over what's called the Caribbean.
A competition too

Plenty of what you'd expect with Rothi, 'Jerk dishes', Goat and of course lots of referencing of rum - music was loud and  decoration bright - try it once at least.

Quite a mixed crowd, on the table next to us was a gentleman alone reading a book about religion as he ate- the friendly waiter pretty much yelled at him (twice) 'a noisy place to come and read your book.'

RIP  Chris Burden

Sadly now dead, I'd not heard of the artist Chris Burden until Open Culture pointed him out to me - seems a great character and has been the subject of songs by both  Laurie Anderson and David Bowie (Joe the Lion).
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