Saturday, May 23, 2015

Looking forward to Wittgenstein at City Lit

Clouds were threatening 

Scott Biagi's City Lit Philosophy class is available either Monday Evening or Tuesday Morning most of the time it seems that you get a better deal with the evening variety but for me evenings offer the possibility of a nap however engaging the topic is so I opt for the morning (less of a risk for 40 winks) -and this spring with two Bank holiday Monday's Tuesday is a definite winner.

Because of these extra sessions we're going to be looking at Wittgenstein (later period) and  I'm not too sure if this weeks's philosophy session at City Lit was set up as a taster for this but it felt like it to me.

Scott did give us (semi- grudgingly) a takeaway for 20th Century Philosophy that was:

'20th Century Philosophy can be characterised as a shift away from knowledge to meaning' 

Logical Positivism did not excite me but did start a direction (for me) where language is pretty much everything and language seems very connected with meaning.

The topic of translation arose during discussions and  I did realise that (for me at least) we all translate our own dialogues form the internal almost machine language to ones own internal  Esperanto and we then in turn do our best to translate our incoming messages to something we can process - hopefully next week I'll be able to better define this!

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