Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Art for the people and sale of leaders/revenge?

In town today for another City Lit Philosophy session (more later- I promise) after this some culture and which included a stroll down the Strand, first stop though was Somerset House - not sure if the fountain within is a new addition but compared with many I've seen (including Lyon France - where I used to enjoy observing the impact it produced) it seemed a bit half hearted.
Maggi, Maggi, Maggi 

Somerset House - not the greatest water feature 

Inside though there were different stories -I'd heard of Maggi Hambling before but seeing he exhibition War Requiem & Aftermath I was struck by the diversity of themes and expressions, work used   Audio, Sculpture, Installations and even figurative paintings -it was brought to the public by King's College and I found it nicely understated.

Rather a lot of the sculptures  created from found 'items' which were enhanced  were on show in one room which made it look quite packed and perhaps devalued.

Somewhat surprised to see a reflection of some emotional themes (Mother and Amy Winehouse were both name checked) as well as there being some striking  Middle Eastern images on canvases.
Perhaps less would have been more
This Aftermath mentions 'Mother 2014'

A diverse collection includes Oil on Canvas 

After looking at the Hambling works I made my way to a Gavin Turk just at the entrance of 'The New Wing' called Now - great stuff
It's typically challenging outside at high level above the door is the  number of people estimated to be the  median of the world population this March.

Now (That's what I call Gavin Turk)

Less than a week

Seems odd that it's less than a week since the UK General Election very little evidence now to be seen in London outside of the press.

Be interesting to see how the appointment of John Whittingdale as Culture Secretary affects the BBC's future surely we're not going to see a revenge attack for a perceived (by some) bias against the Conservatives along with fresh drinks all round for the Press in the never closing 'last chance' saloon?

Well I think there might be a sale on a couple of the masks below...
Some masks have slipped

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