Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Art in London,Wow- we're lucky (some of us)

Wow- we're lucky (some of us)

After a somewhat puzzling couple of hours on the subject (I think) of Philosophy and Logical Positivism  (where I felt the pull, perhaps intended by our leader Scott  of Wittgenstein) I went on my Tuesday  semi-routine hunt for 'Art' today's target being the new (-ish) Hockney exhibition .
Halcyon days and a gallery to mmatch

Well I had prepared by printing a map and headed for my quarry, but ahead of the navigation serendipity brought me to Halcyon Gallery in New Bond Street and it was a blast.

The Gallery's showing some work under the banner of Heroes and Villains (mainly Heroes I'd say).

I'm not really sure what the rules of the game are that mean these places don';t get flooded with ne'er-do-wells but this one trooped in anyway - Ground floor featured many works from Marvel Comics that had been slightly ponced about with and had 'Stan Lee' Signatures on along with Andy Warhol's Ads (1985) 
More Heroes than Villains

Also on the Ground floor and in the basement are several Russell Young works that had a shimmer of Diamond dust (both metaphorically and literally) - Young a British born  artist I'd not heard of has a fascinating back story and is much taken it seems by heroic icons.

Stan Lee in reflection
The basement also had work by Bob Dylan (the 'singer') he's got a table (Iron Work Table)  and a car door  (called I think 'Car Door') on display along with a Film Noir video for the classic song he's covered  'The Night we called it a Day' (at the bottom of this post  - but even better on a great HD screen) really made me smile - he's a battered old bugger but a 'great' in oh so many ways.

There's work too by Raphael Mazzuco of many legends - including a rather nice Bob Marley quote Some people feel the rain others just get wet.

 Quite a few Santiago Montoya  as well as lots of three dimensional works by Mauro Perucchetti

The show was neatly summarised by the  Spanish artist Ernesto Canovas- The Beginning (2014) - as far as I'm concerned it's all  great variety of fun items (more on Hockney show to follow v. soon).

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