Monday, May 25, 2015

Looking at our past with photographs and that £20 note, (Happy Birthday Bob)

A book about memories

Although I set myself a target to read far more books in 2015 so far I'm finding it rather hard work (in some respects) but I am currently enjoying The Rain Before It Falls by the rather excellent Jonathan Coe.

I've read quite a number of Coe's book, starting with What a carve up which referenced an early 60's film starring Shirley Eaton but didn't realise until seeing the review on this one how there's a certain connection with the also excellent Ian McKewan whose books I've also enjoyed 

What the book is about (So far) is recollections of the past by Photographs - it set me thinking how this has changed through the years - pre photography only the aristocracy (and some models)  would generally have a visual history of their lives, as Photography came to the masses so important occasions might be commemorated with photos' of weddings and other notable days - then cameras came to be within the reach of the many and so trips to the seaside and family gatherings were recorded - what a difference it will be for people going forward where an easy to use  colour camera is almost always within reach and Google catalogues them all for you.

Pictures were far more posed in some ways and a drama was often beneath the surface - I have been through a number of my father's transparencies and been taken back through the years.

Here's an old photo of mine of a family holiday in Switzerland - all tired from trying to find a place for a cup of tea and a cake (is my memory anyway).
Note my father's wearing a tie and happiness is not  apparent 

And what we can do now:
Does it scream out 2015?

That £20 note 

Don't worry I'm not asking for the £20 back..

If you're not aware there's an open invite to suggest an artist for the Bank of England to put on our £20 note.

Have you made your nomination - I’m backing Joseph Wright of Derby - I reckon he’d make a great ambassador and icon and more people would become aware of his fantastic paintings.

And Happy Birthday to the  74 year old Bob Dylan (Forever Young)
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