Sunday, May 10, 2015

Finally Artisan, Five Guys and three others..

I have frequently decried the number of coffee shops in my locality (and I know the rise of them is a widespread phenomena) but that does not stop me trying and enjoying many of them.
Artisan - More of a designer outlet.

This week we finally paid a visit to Artisan just by Ealing Town Hall - on entering I was immediately reminded of what one of the people I'd met at recent photography class had told me her child had said -words to the effect 'Why isn't it finished'.

The child had been fairly perceptive a la 'The Kings'new clothes - the style is distressed/un-finished but it does have charm and attracts a clientèle that relishes a little edge.

Coffee good and appeared that plenty of people use it as a business meeting place.

I enjoyed the place but might not make it my regular it does have a one-off style but worth noting like so many others it is part of a chain - no loyalty cards and the regular is quite a small cup.

And Five Guys

Friday night and we fancied a burger and I wanted to try the recently opened place by Ealing Broadway station.
It's open now

The feedback is that I'm Not totally convinced by the 'Five Guys' place it has something of a feeling/vibe  of A New York Burger joint but menu is very limited (perhaps a strength) and while admitting I'm probably some-way from their target demographic it did feel a little too noisy and fluorescent.
Quality of ingredient  is undeniable but not the place to have a romantic meal or a business lunch and on the 'high-side price-wise' for this (to me) edgy experience.    

And Three Guys (perhaps more women next time?)

Well election post mortems very much the order of the day and days.
Personally while not welcoming the result I recognise that it is haw the country voted - one (of a few) good news points is the rejection of George Galloway (he'll be back though).

All the parties need to reflect on how the UK has changed and meet aspirations of the electorate - Scotland looks like an emergent one party state and this will probably evolve.

Well done to Ed, Nigel and Nick for they way they handled the result

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