Wednesday, May 13, 2015

At London's National Gallery

From Easter onwards London is more than full of tourists and timing is everything with visits to galleries and Museums.
Forecourt of National Gallery

After looking in at Somerset House I went along to The National Gallery and it was busy - but still worth braving the crowds.

A few things I managed to spend some time looking at included major  works by Caravaggio (actually to give him his full/correct name Michelangelo Merisi  da Caravaggio ) :

The Supper of Emmaus (1601)

and  two paintings  by Guercino (who I learnt a little about from hearing the funny man actor  Kenneth Williams talking on an old radio programme about him- his real name waGiovanni Francesco Barbieri  the  name 'Guercino' is a nickname that refers to his squint ).

The incredulity of St. Thomas (1621)


Elijah fed by Raven (1510)

I had looked at religiously inspired works and hoped to detect within them some humour or irony but must say I was disappointed, I was not though disappointed by the craft of Guercino.

I also liked  The Mantelpiece by French Artist  Edouard Vuillard (new to me)  a stylised work 'The Earthenware Pot' *(reminded me of Klimt) and the painting by him that had been split into two as The Garden and The Lunch - interesting to learn of how/why he did this and find that he was alive until 1940  .

Outside the Gallery performers and 'Chancers' abound - this guy though could play the guitar:
Play that guitar

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