Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Educative Tuesdays

Tuesday has generally been the day that I've undertaken  betterment by means of widening my knowledge and yesterday this was stepped up a gear by the addition of attendance at OPEN Ealing's History of  20th  Century Design.

Some time back I attended Nick Pearson's Modern Art at OPEN Ealing and I knew that if he delivered the Design course he'd mentioned I'd try my best to be there.

As well as being enthusiastic and knowledgeable Nick provides really great notes, for me the course is useful too as I feel it'll add some depth to what I say to those I guide around the Design Museum's Collection Lab on occasional tours.

The Design Course has a further 10 weeks to go and you can dip in and out at only £10 per go -First talk was at Singapore Road centre  next week we're at a West Ealing Uxbridge Road pop-up.

OPEN's usual home in Singapore Road

And the venue for next few weeks

Oddly enough I've just heard from the person who was the Volunteer Tour Manager at the Design Museum now involved at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill, a visit there might be worth while as it seems to be a stronghold for the 'Arts and Crafts movement' which we touched on in this the first session with Nick (and of course the V&A is famed for it too).
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