Saturday, May 16, 2015

St Pauls and Ealing residents stop the Wheelie Bins

It seems that I'm keeping in touch with a small group of Ex-EuroNews friends on a fairly infrequent but regular basis - on this occasion first meet was at the front of St Paul's (London).

Wesley with a good book (perhaps the good book?)

It was interesting to see a statue to the founder of Methodism John Wesley near by - I would have thought that he was a little beyond the normal Christian experience for many (in fact the truth is of course some what different) .
Village people airbrushed from History

Also nearby is a more modern commemoration to the  founding of  the YMCA  (by George Williams and friends) it's an inscribed  stone - but doesn't mention the Village People song at all.
One for Nicola?

There were (and through the day) a plethora of Shaun the Sheep statues around  which are  now beginning to get a little wearing( to me).

Having dallied a little while we made a breif trip to Tate Modern - had a look at some of the more popular works which include Whaam! (a personal favourite but only just realised it has two 'a's)

It's nice to sometimes try a different watering hole and this time the place we gave what was new to me, just by Cannon Street and called The Vintry - very nice food and a great place to chat.
Near the pub/restaurant is a lovely little Wren Church, St Mary Abchurch and sticking our heads in there we were very luck to have a mini-tour from one of the 'Friends of the City Churches' who was there.
A part of the church ceiling

After this, some time in the  Museum of London another free Museum and dry - all in all generally a pretty good day.

Ealing Residents Stop The 'Wheelie Bins'

If you don't want to have those awful bins sign the petition - you've only got a few days!

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