Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jeremy Stangroom confronts the Zombie question and More on framing

At the start of the year I bought The Story of Philosophy and one of the writers of this book is Jeremy Stangroom - well a couple of weeks back following Scott  (a City Lit Philosophy teacher) mentioning the 'Zombie issue' I was drawn to 'Is you Neighbour a Zombie' which is too by Stangroom in my local library so 'I borrowed it' (yes really) - it's a nice little book with topics much wider than Zombies - the format of Q&A works well - an example:
You never know

 Can you be responsible for what is unavoidable? - I won't provide the answer here but some pointers at this site.

More on framing

Well I've finally unwrapped my Logan 350-1 Mat Cutter and along with using second hand frames reckon I've got a rather nice (and viable) method of providing pictures as gifts etc.
A makeshift cutting  bench in the garage

You do need some room to work on frames and I think I need some better illumination but am at least able to start now.

What I've found is that there are second hand frames at reasonable prices  around, glass cutting (by professionals) is inexpensive  so this seems to be a good way of working.
Big enough for an A4

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