Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Politics of the past versus The People's Republic of Frome (and a free gift)

Yesterday saw the unveiling of the programme for Her Majesty's UK government  and it might, I fear  include  things that are anathema to many of the people living in Great Britain today.

it seems that David Cameron has come along way from the dynamic young leader who sought to lead a new sort of Conservative party and sadly (for me) the way he's trimmed his ambitions is to put the economic indicators at the centre of any measurements of what we should value in our society and he has become a hostage to the right and the anti-Europeans
Who'll be the Butt of the joke-? Not Cameron and Osborne .

Who recalls Theresa May and her vilification of the way that many had come to view the Conservatives as the Nasty Party? Well are the cuts in benefits without a corresponding targeting of the worst excesses of Capitalism  going to answer this?

How will the calculations be made to provide new homes for the many while selling on the cheap the Social housing resource?

What of the (rather rash) promise to provide time off work for community endeavours?

And why hasn't the always entertaining Grant Shapps been given a higher profile job (perhaps an easier question)?

Well despite the worries I have there is a bright new light coming from the West Country in the unlikely shape of Frome Council (a smallish town in Somerset)  and their Flat-pack Democracy - the question is how this can be made a transferable model for other localities to use to shape their own particular communities - take a look at this Guardian article about  the revolution they've started.

Reflecting on brighter days ahead 

Free Gift Casio QD -350

Resisting my Geek-ish tendency I'm keen to get rid of stuff.
Not for everyone

Last year I gave away a rather special cable for an ancient Sharp  Organiser - tidying today I found a Casio Quick Dialler 50 (there were a range of these -mine looks a bit like something out of Star Trek and is referenced in American Psycho) - anyone want it and got a use for it - let me know and I'll stick it in the post  to you (my last freebie went to the USA).

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