Thursday, May 21, 2015

More on picture framing and the joys of Hayes

Well as we get further into the framing it becomes clear why the service is not cheap- good framing requires good materials, expensive tools and skill.
Best Glaziers in Northfields Avenue

At the start of the week I went along to local glazier (Allbright Glass) in Northfields Avenue, West Ealing and I was pleasantly surprised at what was in some ways a painless (Pun?) experience - I took my frame and  just 2 or 3 quid and the job was done then and there (20mm float glass), nicely cut to size.

That though is just the beginning, I've now got my own Mount cutter and bought tape and a matt too.

Today I took the train to Lion in Hayes a really good supplier of framing materials - they even gave me a cup of coffee while I waited .

The canal, very much a nicer part of Hayes

It's some time since I've been to Hayes - I did during my university final year have an interview at EMI (and was offered a job there) - one of the dodges in those days was to arrange interviews around the country and try and make some money on expenses (not much though).

Many years later when working at BT Media and Broadcast as a Sales Engineer I visited Playboy TV UK which was (at that time anyway) above the less than exotic  Iceland store.
Where would you least expect Playboy TV to be based?

Anyway fast forward to the present today  bought an un-feasibly long piece of moulding (3.1m)and 2  large sheets of mounting board, not ideal  to transport on a train but I did this anyway,, Hayes looks like it's moving upmarket plenty of new flats under construction - I suppose another result of Crossrail.

The area will I don't doubt become gentrified - it has though, I reckon  some way to go

Building Sites and Sights in Hayes as Crossrail fuels further demand for housing in the south east

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