Friday, May 22, 2015

OPEN West Ealing in conjunction with Nick Pearson -I'm Not Being Funny But ..

A couple of years back I took a really excellent course at OPEN Ealing that introduced me to some (actually quite a lot) of the background to Modern Art, the person doing the lecturing was Nick Pearson.
99 The Broadway West Ealing for OPEN popup to Sunday

Well Nick is not just a great communicator on the subject but also a practitioner and he's got an exhibition on a  West Ealing POP-UP (at 99 Broadway W13 ) through till this Sunday - it's called 'I'm Not Being Funny But '  (actually an update of last years Leeds show) and it's very much worth a visit  -I went along to the preview last night and was lucky enough to hear the artist talking about his work and his modest ambitions for his art- The artist being the modest part, the ambitions are great but certainly he's doing his bit to make people look and enjoy what's around  them.
The artist explains 

The    'art ' uses found items and glories in celebrating them and moving them from the mundane - the exhibition will be in the West end (of London) in June (1st to 12th ) so if you can't see it in Ealing try seeing it there at: The Gallery, Sheraton House, 15-19 Great Chapel Street London W1F 8FN

The works are very physical and partly  rely on re- contextualising found objects (I think) 

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