Monday, May 11, 2015

I've been framing, Dilemmas and a homage to Courbet

Today's been a mixed bag  (like most), It's only week 3 of the RACC Framing for beginners class and  for me like almost everything there's a lot more to framing than meets the eye (well mine anyway.
The frame so far (L) and two old frames 75 p each

Also like so much the learning takes place socially and by dealing with things - did feel that there's some satisfaction to be gained but lots of equipment if you intend to do all, what might be a better approach (as has been put forward in the class)  is:

1) When starting a frame, get mouldings supplies cut, this has the advantage of less capital outlay and the possibility of choosing mouldings to complement the project (rather than holding a limited supply) - seems that Lion Picture Framing (Hayes)  is the goto company for supplies in West London.

2) Use recovered frames - this is something we'll be trying I've picked up a couple of frames to try with (At a charity shop, 75 pence each).

Also upcoming will be some experimenting with mounts of different colours, staining the frame and getting glass for our first frame.


There's a BBC Radio 4 comedy panel show about Dilemmas (called Dilemma), where the panellists seek to address what are (fairly unlikely) morally contentious questions - today I saw a dilemma unfold in front of my eyes.

Near Ealing Station some way ahead of me I saw a woman drop something small - it was to far for me to attract her attention and she was moving away quickly (for a bus or a train),

I had an inkling that the item dropped was  a banknote, I sped up to see and as I drew close  someone (another woman)  picked up the (£10) note.

As I reached  the point it was dropped,the other woman had disappeared, should I have confronted the woman - neither of us would have been able to return it to the person who'd lost it.

Should I have done something and/or what - I've had things happen like this before (I suppose we all have), and on this occasion I took the path of least resistance but not wholly comfortable with this.

An image at RACC

Learning about Modern Art at OPEN Ealing was a great experience, any introduction that contextualises stuff that's around us is good for me (Philosophy similarly) - Seeing the Photo(below) on display that reflects and pays respects to  the very important artist  Gustave Courbet (The Desperate Artist) reminded me of the pleasure I got from learning something about Art.
A nice picture -particularly if you feel (just a little) 'in the know'

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