Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hockney at about 77

Having enjoyed the Heroes and Villains exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery I went on to see some recent work by an artist who is arguably the most important living English painter - David Hockney.
Up to the 3rd & 4th Floor for Hockney
I suspect the Cherokees

On my way to see the Hockneys I passed who I think was Film Director Tim Burton rocking a slightly 'boho' outfit (see below).

Hockney's 'Painting and Photography' is at what I'd describe as a low key setting, Annely Juda  in Dering Street (just near Oxford Street.

I'm someone who does like the iconic works that Hockney produced in the 1960's (A bigger Splash for example), so was interested to see where he's arrived at now.

Hockney has become known for his Photography as well as his painting and much of the exhibition showed what is characterised as-  Photographic Drawing, I liked it but the reviews of this in general are not good attacking Hockney's 'Photoshop' skills.

For me the paintings were perhaps less exciting although across the works the self-referencing within frames  was entertaining - definitely worth a visit in a surprisingly quite and un-hurried space  (as before I'm not sure if many members of the public are effectively intimidated about visiting private galleries like this).

As Helena Bonham-Carter has, I too think I've seen  the back of Tim Burton

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