Sunday, May 31, 2015

Meal out at Urban Meadow Café and Energy transfers

Last night we finally got round to using the Red Letter Voucher we got as a present some time ago - having had a hard time using these before it was a real pleasure to find that on this occasion everything was very straightforward and painless.

The place was the Urban Meadow Café a short walk from Notting Hill gate tube and across the road from London's famous Hyde Park.

I quite liked the place too - seemed quite chilled and unhurried, which is not always the case in London Eateries - our waitress was particularly charming  which again is not always the case

Urban Meadow Café -which I think is a rather special name

Energy Suppliers

Well I've been across 'Energy Best Deals for nearly two years and am well able to understand why consumers are reluctant to make a leap to alternative suppliers - it isn't as easy or smooth as it should be.
It is interesting that one of the things Ed Miliband took on board was the failure of the Energy companies to act fairly well as well as not being fair they seem to lack ability - the problem in a way for Ed was that witrh falling oil prices energy didn't seem to be quite such a rip-off for the UK consumers.

Now I recognise the methods used in making a move and getting the best deal having spoken to many people when presenting  the CAB's  Energy Best Deal presentation but still find communication does not take place as it should - I'm still waiting for the refund of overpayment from my last supplier and waiting to be in a position to start presenting meter readings to the new supplier after about 2 months of requesting the right conditions to do this.

Let's hope the new energy regulator proposed in the Government's upcoming energy bill does manage to improve the UK's consumers treatment around energy (although sadly it doesn't appear to be the Bill's purpose which as far as I can see  is more about preserving energy supplies ) .
We need smart ones- this is dumb.

In fact to my mind the best way forward for the Energy and Water  Utilities is to change how they function and to create a market that does not punish the consumer but rewards good behaviour by both suppliers and customers, 'incentivising' efficient usage and stopping leaks (Water and Gas) should be at the top of priorities - smart meters and better use of technology  could help us with this if their use is arranged correctly.
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