Monday, August 31, 2015

Odd Linkedins and the limits to electecable leaders

I've been on Linkedin for around 10 years (I think) a friend provided an invite when I left BT and I've been (largely) adding contacts since then.

At first my inclination was to add people  from the areas of activity I know well, these would be mainly 'techie' type folks working in similar fields with shared employers or other 'logical' connections but I felt after a while that this was slightly limiting and offered only more of the same.
Don't just repeat

There are I also found along with people who can offer news, shared resources and potential opportunities (those like me) others who measure their success on Linkedin as they might on Facebook accumulating  contacts for the sake of it - I tend to be circumspect of those requestors with 500+ or who are recruitment consultants.

I do though now favour people requesting contact who are very dissimilar to myself although I find there is sometimes an ulterior motive - recent additions from requestors are (it seems) a senior figure at Mitsubishi and a Lottery winning retired footballer and a request (from me) to a former executive at Wonga - all pretty diverse, why not try treating potential contacts as if we're at a party and strike up a conversation with those who we'd not normally meet but are interesting and engaging?


I've been to few meetings of the 'faithful' be they church, politics or pressure groups but the few that I've attended and ones pf work where we're all singing from the same hymn sheet can miss vital points.

The idea of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party is (I think) different from how a scenario with him as leader/PM in waiting.

Some of those who support his views recognise this and either warn others and there are also those who  I consider might wish to see Labour retain some form of Socialist purity rather than get in the dirty business of compromise and deal making.

People like me old enough to remember Michael Foot as Labour leader recognise the problem of revisiting a committed leader of the left, truth be told Corbyn as a potential PM would have far more challenges than in Foot's day.
I've been there too.

Sad to say that any possibility of a left wing labour leader in No 10 would send unattached 'hot money' scampering to other boltholes and this in turn would cause the pound to lose value against other major currencies (and that's even ignoring the intention to create more money).

The UK survives not by manufacture or naturally occurring resources it lives by trade and we enjoy a good (monetary) standard of living by dint of this - the voting public would be defrauded by those who did not consider the impact of  capital flight with a left wing government.

They say about investment past performance isn't necessarily an indication of how stocks/shares/funds will perform in the future, on my reckoning it's pretty much the best evidence we have to go on.

Quick Dialer still available!

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 Resisting my Geek-ish tendency I'm keen to get rid of stuff.
Not for everyone

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