Sunday, August 02, 2015

Labour in crisis & Windows 10 -

To say that Labour have lost the plot is an understatement much as that which says Cameron is posh.

Any connection with a party led by Jeremy Corbyn?

The idea that Labour lost the last election  because Ed Miliband was not left wing enough is so obviously errant that a move even further left makes the behaviour of Lemmings appear positively sane.
I'm sure there's a certain appeal to those who are unwilling to compromise  in an unelectable Jeremy Corbyn led party but how does it benefit those who struggle at the bottom of the pile let alone those who wish to have more choice and a better future.

What is it that could make people think that a bearded vegetarian teetotaller is in step with those legendary 'hard working families'?

Come on get real and make sure that an electable modern candidate with a sense of humour gives the Labour party a fighting chance in 2020

[I'm worried too to see that Jack Straw who showed such appalling judgement in his chase for cash seems to be quietly  being rehabilitated - in my opinion he's got a lot to do before he's allowed back in the fold.]

Can only add with 'Chrome'

Windows 10

It's interesting that after a model of paying for upgrades the new version of Windows is 'free'. I've taken the plunge and so far all good and probably the easiest install of the many versions I've been involved in (except I haven't been able to add pictures to my blogspot  from Window's Edge, have to use ie) - more to follow I'm sure...

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