Friday, August 14, 2015

Course feedback and an end to CityLit Photo walks 5 of 5

Trellick Tower - Now for the wealthy
It's been a week when both courses that I've enjoyed so much have come to an end (20th Century Design and CityLit Photo Walks) as we expect these days feedback has been requested - it does feel a bit of a chore.

For our final walk we met by Westbourne Park underground station the plan it seemed was to see some examples of Brutalist Architecture in London and first was the iconic Trellick Tower - it's got a really interesting history and is now a sought after residential location - when we stood and took some pictures a local started talking about how it had become a location for suicide attempts when it was newer.

After getting some pictures we took a bus to Camden area for another public housing experiment the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate (from the 1960s) - this seemed altogether more interesting, with lower rise accommodation and  some outside space.

Dusk at  the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate
From there we walked past the iconic Abbey Road Studios (famed for the Beatles masterpieces created there and onwards to the Regent's Park Mosque where worshippers made us feel very welcome.

It's very noticeable how dusk has moved earlier each week and by the time I got to Baker Street to return home it was dark
Abbey Road- The place where the Beatles worked their magic
Very welcomed
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