Sunday, August 16, 2015

National Allotments week - Northfields open to the public

Yesterday our local allotments were open to visitors as part of National Allotment Week   and as a result of fine weather and the coverage in our local paper it could, I think be described as a success, certainly there was quite an influx of visitors and I believe that the waiting list for a plot for this site will be further swelled.

The crowds and the Tea and Coffee at the entrance to the site

Tea, cakes and other refreshments  were available to the visitors (of which there were more than 350).

As well as the opportunity to visit the plots those attending could see Beekeeping, a selection of old tools  and a rebuilt Anderson Shelter.

Anderson shelters were used during the war (WWII)  and many became sheds after the war finished - Simon who is a dedicated allotment keeper and something of a local historian had rebuilt a shelter which was on show complete with gas mask and wind-up gramophone, it was a hit with many of the visitors.

The WW II shelters were a hit with older visitors

I have often mentioned how lucky I feel to have this area that I can call my own and I suppose that once a year to have the 'General Public' on site is not that big a burden but I would say that the behaviour of those attending was mixed, many were charming and engaged some though I would say  appeared to pay little heed to the plot holders and expected to be able to roam at will and taking all around for granted.

Beekeepers- Spot the Queen

I spent some time talking with people I know (very pleasant) and some very nice strangers - but it was wearing and I'm pleased I was there to make sure that I could keep an eye out on what they got up to.
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