Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ealing Gazette Picture of the Week - The power of the editor

Surprisingly even after what I think is around 20 'Pictures of the Week' in my local paper The Ealing Gazette (circulation around 24,000) over the last couple of years I still greatly enjoy seeing my picture published and great to get a Mondrian reference in this one - let's face it his Design influence is all around us.

To my mind the standard of the pictures is variable and I was a little amused (to say the least)  when last week a picture of Labour Leadership hopeful Liz Kendall was given the 'accolade'! little local connection and it certainly looked like a stock photograph.

I did try and drum some interest from Canon UK (supplier of my cameras) in getting some sponsorship (a prize would be nice) or promotion but nothing to date
Most of my words but cropped picture.

Another thing I've noticed is how little or how much of my text is used plenty this week but sometimes a different tack is used or I suppose on other occasions the picture speaks for itself also in the hands of the paper is how the picture is cropped - you can see below that this is also a factor.

I reckon that there's a nice little story around the Parklets as described and in all honesty the paper should have covered anyway.

Here is the text  and background I supplied:

"Ealing Council are trial-ing this moveable mini park  known as a Public Parklet  in Bond Street Ealing where it's been  occupying a car parking space for the last few days.
The first use of this concept seems to be in San Francisco (where else?) and the idea is that it's an area where people can meet, sit or just chill.

The parklet  which looks like a cross between a Mondrian and Shisa Lounge is something of a curiosity so far but perhaps once the rain passes it'll get used"
The Picture supplied, better I think with this aspect ratio
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