Friday, August 07, 2015

Battling transport challenges to make CityLit Photo Walk 4

A series of the same

Despite the London Underground services being suspended week 4 of the Citylit photo' course went ahead calling on some ingenuity in travel arrangements.
Cycling was one way people got around during the strike.

Sadly several of the group were not able to get to Holborn easily and in fact my use of Car, Bus and Train was not too bad although it would have been better if the college had been more flexible in rescheduling the walk.

The chance to take pictures in the Theatre district was one I decided to go with and I found it challenging and often I was not pleased with the results - it was though a great chance to look around and area I know quite well and have various memories of.
A journey home

I ended up getting back via Kew Bridge Station - to put a positive spin on this. I feel now that I'm better able to negotiate public transport vagaries and closures.

Here are some pictures including one that shows what has happened to an old haunt, O'Neils that is now a McDonalds - that was a surprise.

Here are some of the theatres.

The luxury of the Savoy

Cambridge Theatre

And a theatre in Cambridge Circus

A record run for The Mousetrap


A plaque commemorates

Some buildings I knew
Centre-When at BT we looked at this for offices

Now McDonalds was O'Neil's

A couple of shots that show how theatre looks at night..

The Aldwych early evening
A later shot as night descends
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