Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Disregard what I just said.. (Linkedin 2)

Yesterday I was singing the praises of 'hooking up' with people on LinkedIn - I was Wrong (with a capital W).

The Japanese executive seems dodgy and the supposed ex Footballer (and Lotto winner) is even worse, there are some strange things going on with LinkedIn and I doubt that it'll do their business much good - the problem is that expansion comes at the periphery of people we 'know' - people who claim to be able to vouch for 500+ people are not the best judges of character and to then get  the addition of get rich quick hucksters is a recipe for trouble ...
Looks too good to be true?

Look what  pretend Terry Bradbury  offered  - does it sound like an Ex UK Footballer of  74 years of age who has won a shed load of money? (no!)

So no half a million pounds for me - but you can see that it's a well tried plan -shame the execution is so poor.

[I've reported the potential scam to LinkedIn and hopefully they'll keep me in the loop on their actions.]

"Hello Timothy  Bourne ,

We are most grateful for your email and I use this as a medium to say thank you for writing Back. This is a lifetime opportunity and 100% legitimate. My name is Terry Bradbury, i decided to make sure the winning of ours is put on the internet for the world to see. This was a gift from God to me and my entire family. We may not know you, but since you were chosen by God to receive this cash donation of 500,000.00 GBP, you must be a God fearing individual. I do believe that good things happen to those who wait upon the lord. At first when I received a call that we have won, I did not believe, thinking it was just a mere joke until the cheque of (£ 5,517,016 million GBP ) was given to us willingly as won. The main reason why we decided to share part of this fund among other individuals who are in need is according to the bible that teaches about given as part of Godliness and also with the prophecy we received from God Almighty. I have taken care needs of our immediate family members & friends, Hospitals & Charity Organizations in Africa, Asia and Europe that fight cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes.
We also do believe in the part of the Bible that says ask and you shall receive and consistently I have always asked for a miracle from God. I am hoping that you will definitely be able to use this fund wisely and judiciously on projects that will last you for a long time. To facilitate the disbursement process of the funds and all the legal documents that will be signed and entitle to you, the below details will be needed;
4. SEX & AGE:
Kindly write us about your view & plans on spending this fund that has been solely given to you. 
May the good Lord bless your heart to be a blessing to your family & friends. Congratulations once again.
God bless you
Terry Bradbury"
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