Saturday, August 08, 2015

Well done Victor!

Ahead of his 70th Birthday next week Victor Mishiku the tireless campaigner for preserving (where possible) the buildings of our heritage has spearheaded another  sensational success in ensuring the long term future of Ealing Stables in Haven Green.

Heritage -A present to Ealing from Victor ahead of his 70th

Victor has been involved in many campaigns and I had the good fortune to meet with him at the start of the year and see what  enthusiasm and hard work he brings to his campaigns - it's great that this one's been a success and the  character of Haven Green  which means a lot to many of the residents of Ealing lives on.

You can see the story in full here.

I hope Victor who formerly worked in the silk business is able to enjoy his birthday and many more and that others join him in his battles I'd like to see him get some serious recognition (OBE perhaps).

Poco- Loco Closed?

I see that Poco Loco has had trouble regarding hygiene matters before (in 2014)  but I really used to enjoy an  Egg and Chips lunch there - looks like it has now closed - don't know if its for good?
(Also not sure if the Acton branch has gone the same way)
Closed- Where will I get my Egg and Chips?

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