Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Picking time and the Tamils in West Ealing

This year has been a mixed one for growing - Tomatoes are mostly  non starters and peas not so good the pleasing thing has been  the fruit, soft fruit has gone well, particularly Gooseberries, Blackcurrants and of late Blackberries  (although strawberries need sorting out) and Apples are producing nicely,  I hadn't noticed (Debbie pointed them out) but we've actually got some plums too.
Blackberries by the score

First homegrown Plums

We've had a couple of nice cucumbers, first beetroot yesterday, lettuces are coming along well and onions .

The other thing I've noticed is how well my Sweetcorn compares with others - fingers crossed the birds and mice don't nick all of them.

Tamil Hindu Chariot Festival

Here's a West Ealing picture I took a few days back during the Chariot Festival .

West Ealing Morphs into  Colombo for the annual Chariot Festival

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