Friday, August 28, 2015

Impressive and Plotting

Still a good post service
Yesterday shortly before 3:00 pm we booked a weekend away using this morning when the post came our travel  tickets were one of the items - now I know we should decry Royal Mail for being privatised (at a lower price than we might have hoped for) apart from anything else, but that service looks like a good business to me.

Well done to Superbreak too - good website and affordable offers.

A service we could lose
Equally (nearly anyway) impressive is the service from London libraries I requested The Duchamp Book earlier in the week - early morning text advised it was ready for pick up at my chosen branch - great performance and no cost.

The thing is we are going to lose the library service - how long it takes is the question and there is perhaps a possibility that it'll metamorphosize into something else but like the Milkman (gone) and the (hard copy)  Newspaper  history is moving on and doesn't have a place for a load of books, like Royal Mail it needs to excel and it needs to find a new purpose

Lettuces are fine

Plot 202

Pumpkins are from Mars (not really)

The summer feels, on some days like it's almost over but there's a lot of growing and harvesting to do, White (or Gold?) Raspberries are coming on stream (not many. but who knows next year could be a bumper year) .

Sweetcorn is tall
White raspberries- sweet

Peppers and Aubergines could still make it as could the grapes (no wrath we hope) the Lettuces (more planted out today) are doing well.

Some potatoes picked and some Onions and Garlic too.
Just a few so far

Sweetcorn and Pumpkins looking good - more updates to come I'm sure
Grapes -hoping?

Peppers are forming
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