Monday, August 03, 2015

In and around Ealing (including West London's premier 'London Group Grill Bar')

Three little items, one good one bad and one odd ..

1. New Restaurant

Franco Manco now open for business

A good.

It's nice to see that the new Pizza restaurant Franco Manco in the New Broadway has now opened - it's been a while, there are not too many Pizzerias  in this area and I hope to try it very soon.

2. This is not the beach

This is not a beach in Southern Europe.
A bad

I saw a sand sculpture being fashioned near Holborn a few weeks back, this was bad enough - some pan-handlers are now trying their luck in Ealing along with the  guilt tripping chuggers this is very unnecessary - it's not a beach resort.

3. Mystery Grill

Something happening at The Grill Bar
And a decidedly odd

The Central London Group Grill Bar in Northfield Avenue is a curiosity (I've been blogging about it for over a year and the story seems to span more than 30 years!), an enigma and a mystery that spans decades - noticed a skip outside, might be for adjacent property or at long last is there something happening there?
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