Monday, August 17, 2015

New Computers - not such a big deal

I think the first 'computer' that  I got with a proper keyboard was a  Commodore Vic 20  (I did have something before that which was a sort of hexadecimal circuit board which was probably sold as a computer).

Well I've lost count of the devices that have passed through my hands in the intervening years - they've included an Amstrad Word Processor with  dot matrix printer  (For me it took over from a Canon electronic typewriter) - I found it very functional and useful and after that  PC from a company called, I think  TIME Computers (What happened to them and other dedicated high street PC dealers?)
Not the clamour to open it once caused

Often there was an expectation of a quantum change with a high speed (56K) modem or the addition of Speakers and CD to become a multimedia machine.

Well last week I decided that at a bit over 5 years old and with a few annoying 'quirks' it was time to trade-up (seems that 'upgrade' is the industry term for 'replace'), it was disappointingly low key.

 I would think if I had been prepared to invest many hours and sought expert opinion I could have got something amazing but I set a price limit (£350), planned to reuse my existing screen and  found something in stock that fitted the bill (loads of specs I'm sure, and  over 1TB of disk anyway).

Having convinced the sales person I didn't need any anti-virus or extended warranty I left with the PC which remained unopened for a day or two (the first shock) - it was fairly easy to set up as a replacement and to migrate files (but not foolproof and probably still not complete).

Certainly for me it's almost essential  to have  a reliable home computer and it's renewed far more often than a car but it is no longer the exciting voyage of discovery with floppy discs and noisy modems that it was in those earlier days - I suppose as is with the case with new cameras, the experience is key and the product is a utility one with few limitations beyond theose imposed by the user - time will tell (a re-visit  in 5 years or so perhaps).
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