Sunday, August 30, 2015

Art - a great site, shopping and chairs we need to sit in


The BBC has been screening some particularly worthwhile programmes about Art, Derek Boshier in the thirty minute ' What do Artists do all day?'  was a revelation on how there are happy artists and their work can keep them involved and engaged well into their 70's (climate permitting).

Boshier was a contemporary of Hockney and another 'Pop' artist but with his desire to experiment across media and use different styles he didn't get the same exposure but seems to have remained grounded and enthusiastic  - his was a new name to me but I'd unknowingly encountered his work via the artwork of the cover of Bowie's ' Lodger' album.

The other BBC Arts programme (out of  BBC Scotland I notice) was about Andy Warhol (A day in the life of Andy Warhol) - fronted by the amusing Stephen Smith who was at Channel 4 News when I worked on it at ITN, Smith has a fine sense of humour which made the  documentary entertaining as well as informative (I think he might live in West London too as I've seen him in Chiswick).

A great site

Watching the Warhol show I was (again) reminded of how significant Duchamp was and went off on a podcast search, discovering the rather excellent curated by the marvellous Dr. Jeanne S. M. Willette, 3 x 20 minutes on Marcel Duchamp and loads of other stuff too - intrigued to learn of his late life work  Étant donnés (partially inspired, it is said by the Black Dahlia Murder) and seeing (of course) the connection to Courbet's scandalous  Origin of the world, amazing the connections and that art retains this ability to provoke audiences and good to see that even with revolutionaries popping up even they are part of a continuum.

Chairs to sit in

Having finished the 20th Century Design classes at OPEN Ealing run by Nick Pearson, I've now been infected by the desire to be photographed in odd chairs.

Yesterday we ended up  at Brent Cross  Fenwicks  more by accident than anything else, it really was quite frantic there with many people caught up in the whole back to School thing,

Anyway Debbie kindly indulged me as I hung around ( in one...)

A chair that's borrowed much

So many people standing and ..

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