Wednesday, August 19, 2015

ValueYou needs buy-in and Franco Manca last w/e

Some time ago I mentioned that I was eligible for a gift by dint of my voluntary work for a gift as part of membership of  the ValueYou scheme.
This retailer not so thrilled with ValueYou

Well I'm someone who can easily misplace stuff or not take up offers so decided I should at least 'bank' what was on offer and went along to collect a gift (a bottle of wine up to £10) from a participating store- sadly the retailer 'supporting the  deal did not seem happy and said he was going to leave.

It seems it's not doing what he'd hoped for business wise - anyway I'm sure it'll be a nice glass or two for me but if support  for ValueYou  goes like so many 'Loyalty' schemes it'll go and volunteers won't get that small boost..

Franco Manca

We made it to Franco Manca at the weekend and found it offered up a good Pizza (Sourdough apparently) - decoration is that what appears to be slightly on trend- distressed which looks like a mixture of unfinished and cheap to some of us.
Distressing times but wait no more they're open now

If you don't want a pizza don't go there - this place has been a restaurant under so many different names it's difficult to speculate how long it'll remain as this one but it's family friendly and was looking busy and well run when we were there.

[look at the menu here]
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