Thursday, August 27, 2015

Rethinking Corbyn and a (Very) Brutal Church in W9

Just been watching Abz struggle (BBC2  Country Strife: Abz on the Farm) with his green Idyll in Wales - he seems to be having a challenge with all things in his life  but perhaps his heart is in the right place, having heard that JC (that's Jeremy Corbyn) is a keen allotment  gardener- I'm thinking perhaps he's not such a bad fellow either but perhaps he could spend more time digging.

Ugly Church

Listening earlier on the radio earlier today   and there was one of those interminable phone-ins and  discussions on the preservation of some architecture of the Brutal School (of course our friend Goldfinger cropped up) -I was reminded of what to me is I think the most  unattractive church I've seen , it's in West London, it's called Our Lady of Lourdes and St Vincent de Paul and is in the  Harrow Road in Maida Vale.

One of the things that particularly puzzles me is that it's a Roman Catholic church from 1973, a previous church was demolished there in 1970.

Who chose and approved this was there some schism in the church at the time of it's conception, or was it ever considered a beautiful building - answers please.

Looking on the web it seems the interior is considerably more lavish but the outside looks something like I'd imagine a Soviet prison to be - and I'm not religious but surely the architect could have designed something which exemplifies higher feelings and glory on the outside too?
A Catholic Church?

You'd better believe it

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