Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Flickr, An unreal parklet and A Fake Apple Store in NYK



There are plenty of places to share photo's as well as this Blog I use Twitter for a pretty much daily photo and I had a Flickr account some time ago but it seemed to disappear into the ether when Yahoo became the overall purveyor.

I returned at the time of my participation in the OPEN Ealing Digital photography course last year under the 'handle' Ealing Tim it was revitalised when I was one of a group of  a Flaneurs on a CityLit Walking Photo' course - sad to say the sharing of our pictures did not go smoothly but one of our number put herself out to add a site that we can use it's here ( Photo Group).

I'm pleased to see the two pictures I'm most satisfied from the walks are getting a few hits- here they are:

An Evening shot near London's Olympic Village site
Chiswick House looking, I like to think 'Painter-ly

A new Idea: an Ealing  Parklet

No takers for the Parklet on a rainy Sunday


The blurb...

Ealing is famed amongst the London Boroughs for the Green Spaces it has well this seems perhaps incongruous  but I like a new idea and it'll be interesting to see if it takes off..

[It's called Ealing Parklet the idea comes from San Francisco and it's a meeting place/somewhere to sit and read your paper - currently occupying a parking space in Bond Street W5]

Dystopian homage to the Apple Store

Earlier this summer  I visited the Apple Store in London's Covent Garden, it felt an odd place different from other ones  I've popped into in the past (Oxford Circus and Richmond spring to mind) the souls looking at the new Apple Watches looked lost or at least misplaced it held no attraction to me.

 imagine then  my interest  on learning of an Arts project (the  Fueled Collective) in New York that they had an exhibition  that represent an Apple Store, one that looks like a place where you’d buy an iPhone with  the corporate furniture and anonymous style, but it has strange and fascinating objects for sale.
The theme is a is a critique how we're all addicted to  ever more gadgets and tech-toys along with the fizzy startup culture that straddles so many of our big cities.

The Young  Artist behind the show is  Evan Desmond Yee and here's a link to his website - while I wait for the pictures I've been promised.
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