Friday, October 31, 2014

Coffee culture hits Northfields Avenue (hard) and another Picture of the week

Northfields Avenue W13  use to be more Greasy Spoon than frothy coffee but the area has moved upmarket and when this happens the drug of choice for the UK in 2014 takes a sinister hold - the dealers are out there but at least in this area  it seems the 'big' chains are not featuring (yet).

Here are couple of the  recent entrants into what is getting to be a crowded sector.

There must be at least six  coffee shops in about half a mile - I suppose people prefer coffee to beer and wine?

The Fields- by The Plough

It might sound like a Laundromat but it says it's Artisan 

Picture of the Week no 9

Last week I was at the Ealing Art Group Exhibition their 99th and learnt that the PM Gallery most likely wont be available for the 100th - we need a really good exhibition area in Ealing failing that I'd say the Questors might do the job.

Anyway here's the picture that was published in Today's Ealing Gazette.

Nice work but I don't think it's real gold 

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