Friday, October 03, 2014

Richmond and Gone Girl review (it's good)

Generally enjoy visiting Richmond and while Ealing (sadly) still lacks a cinema it's one of the closer ones to visit.
La Buvette looks charming

(Richmond is another place that has things in it's shopping district that Ealing lacks - characterful shops and plenty of independent retails and food outlets)

'Gone Girl' is on at the other one

In fact as well as two theatres it has 2/3 cinemas, with an  Independent and the Odeon being split across two sites.

I suppose it's not too surprising that we found ourselves at the wrong one ahead of the film - but they're only 5 minutes apart and we still arrived in plenty of time to get our selves settled in.

The film we saw 'Gone Girl' is very new and I won't reveal too much of the storyline but it's a good film really well acted and shot.

I will let you know that the film is well over 2 hours long -so make sure you've been to the toilet before you view.

British actress Rosamund Pike is the female lead and a fine actress well able to portray a rather stiuck up  American.

Pike first came to my attention when I saw her in the marvellous theatrical production of Hitchcock Blonde at The Royal Court (she was also in the Bond film Die Another Day ).

Digital cinema does produce excellent viewing and the sound is also a great factor in the experience - I was intrigued to see that  the man behind  nine-inch nails, Trent Reznor was involved in the soundtrack of Gone Girl.
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