Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Sir John Soane Museum visit

I recently visited (for the first time) the Sir John Soane Museum near Holborn Station- it's really something.

John Soane was a really important architect who was responsible for The Bank of England as well as the house in Lincoln's Inn Fields which is now the museum and Pitzhanger Manor in Ealing which he bought and remodeled.
A rear view of Pitzhanger Manor - Soane's Ealing home 

The museum in the centre of London hosts  an amazing collection of artifacts from Soane's architectural practice and an incredible collection of paintings.

The collection includes Turners, a Canaletto and the series of  pictures that makes up 'The Rakes Progress' by Hogarth.

Somewhat sadly the story of 'The Rake' mirrors the fate of one of Soane's'own sons (George).

I don't know if in the 18th Century a bricklayer was a particularly prestigious job but Soane's father and other members of his family were in this trade and  he went on to become a highly sought after architect.

A detail of the exterior

The museum is slightly unusual in that its' fairly non corporate with a complete ban on mobile phones and camera use - you have to place these items in a clear bag which you can carry around.
Turn your phone off and put it in the bag

When I visited there was an interesting small display of (modern) lights by the gift shop.

The museum is currently being extended and is a somewhat 'disheveled' state.
The outside of the Museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields

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