Friday, October 24, 2014

CAB aiming to help and Holland Park to Ladbroke Grove

Earlier in the week I went to a Money Fair event as part of a CAB presence, it's a great shame that such events are not able to positively engage with the people who would benefit most from them - some people there do seem to realise this but for others it's accepted as the norm.

Plenty of professionals there but not so many 'service users'.
Could we use better delivery methods?

I tend to think that what needs to be done is a McDonald-isation of such services,this is not meant to be derisory, McDonald's (to my mind) are an example of providing a service that the market wants and needs.

Show what you offer and train the people delivering/helping.

Why is that when we try to help people we use unpleasant premises with non-professional levels of service?

Worthy people and motives alone are not enough to help people an entrepreneurial vigour and spark is needed.

Not a Harry Potter figure

Holland Park to Ladbroke Grove

On my way to the above noticed a couple of  things:

1) Statue to Ukrainian St Volodymyr  - he's the guy who delivered Christianity to Ukraine and seems that he's a rallying figure for the nationalists at this difficult time.

2) House where  Howard Staunton a great British Chess Player lived .
Not forgotten

A nice house in West London with a  blue plaque to ....

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