Thursday, October 23, 2014

Turner (prize and late period) at Tate Britain and Dock no more

Turner prize contenders for 2014

Back at Tate Britain this week where there's a chance to see some Late period Turner (get ready for the Mike Leigh film coming out soon) as well as some exciting contemporary stuff.

Seeing the ' Late period' works reminded me what an un -British (exciting) artist he was.

 If you get the chance do take a look at 'Snow Storm - Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth'  and Peace- Burial at sea and perhaps like me you'll see something of what Mark Rothko was trying to capture in his 'colour fields'.

Anyway the prize for  2014 ...

It's worthwhile pausing  outside the exhibition of the works by the 2014 nominated artists to look at the roll call of winners and contenders  over the last 30 years these  include such notables as  Gilbert and George (winners in 1986), Patrick Caulfield (nominated in 1987) and Richard Long famous for his walks  finally winning in  1989 after several nominations

The Turner Prize short-list contenders for 2014 that are on display at Tate Britain show a varied group of four selected by the jury who will soon choose  a winner; they are.

James Richards is the first artist to greet you of the Prize exhibition working in various medium (including slides and woven materials) his work can be confrontational and on show were blankets that showed the US artist and Social Activist Keith Haring with  different friends and acquaintances.

Tris Vonna Michel  is from Southend-on-Sea and now living in Stockholm and his work too used audio along with projected images and artefacts  in interesting ways

Ciara Philips is a female Canadian born artist now living in Glasgow and for me her work the most immediate and accessible mainly using printed works her work was colourful and showed a boldness that was (for me) refreshing and perhaps a little less 'knowing' than much of the modern art (or I could have course been missing the point)
A hint of what Ciara Phillips has on show


Duncan Campbell who is another artist working in  Glasgow (although he was born in Dublin) was another artist working in Video (perhaps another aspiring director) - his work references other artists including Sigmar Polke (not my favourite artist at present).

Other works

There are some new exhibits in the later period of Tate Britain I couldn't help but notice The Body and Ground by Brian Griffiths (born in 1968) - cool to see canvas and ropes in a piece.

Carry on Camping perhaps

Sad too to see that Phyllida Barlow's Dock is being dissembled, not sure what will take it's place?
'Dock' no more

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