Thursday, October 09, 2014

Do we need ITV Be? Ofcom says 'One in three UK kids has a tablet PC' and Martin Grover British artist

Yet another New UK TV Channel 

Generally I've seen the logic of ITV's (The UK Commercial TV market leading channel) Brand extensions, they've targeted a group and designed their offering accordingly from Children (CITV) to Sports inclined males (ITV 4) what they've avoided is the higher spending upmarket groups with dedicated Arts and News channels (News is difficult and ITV News did not perform well in audience share terms).

ITV Be  (which launched last night)_ puzzles me a little,  I've not seen a clear brand message so far and it may fill a niche but there are a lot of channels out there and  its difference from some of those  may be quite marginal and it could be this brand extension could be more about emasculation of the main channel ITV and sister  ITV2 (I though ITV 2  was the home  for TOWIE and its fans).

 'One in three UK kids has a tablet PC' 

OFCOM are saying that it's now around 30% of UK children who now have PC Tablet.

Seems  amazing to me that the penetration of Tablet PCs  is so high but the relatively cheap nature of the devices mean that for many the cost is immaterial.

'The market economy" (as we might characterise the developed economies)  likes its' active citizens who will engage in commerce easily to keep the economy alive but this of course comes at a cost.

At a recent event I attended regarding Psychosis the question was asked how the use of such devices was affecting us - no concrete answer to this - but I know from personal experience how we 'attach' to technology, I really like to use my Tablet for catchup radio but I'm sure that there's a downside and I'm far from young but recognise the impulse to know 'what's going on' and to feel part of this.

So how should we deal with our own Smartphone and tablet usage, for me it is important  to always give priority to people ?
(How crazy is it to spend time with people in a social situation but remove oneself in favour of mediated distanced communication?)

Well perhaps we should remove ourselves from the support devices for part or all of a day each week- I will myself  try and do this every Sunday for the remainder of the year and will not  be using electronic 2 way communications devices (excepting the basic telephone) unless there is a really important requirement .

Nice Art Shop

I visited two shops in Ealing yesterday, one offered a really positive experience (more of the other at a later date).
For Arts Sake engages with its visitors but does not invade - knowledgeable and open with an obvious love of their field if only other retailers could do this - Ealing benefits from having this establishment.
Bond Street Ealing Shop

For Arts Sake is currently showing (and offering for sale)  quite a wide selection of the works of Martin Grover, the South London-ish artist is obviously behind the exhibition having produced some works that reference Gunnersbury Park amongst  his cannon.

Martin's paintings and prints are amusing have depth and display what a skilful creator he is.
There are echoes (for me)  of Peter Blake in Martin's obvious infatuation with music and the everyday.

Looking at the works I was sorry that I've not got more money but there is an Own Art  fund(it was pointed out to me)  that would help would be collectors like me with interest free loans

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