Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grayson Perry asks Who Are You?

Yesterday I took the treasure trail within the National Portrait Gallery - for me it finsihed with Grayson's autobiographical map which (of course) shows humour and technical skill and reveals much about the man and artist.

Grayson Perry is an enigmatic guy who describes himself as having a chip on his shoulder.
As well as being confusingly both 'blokey' and a cross-dresser he engages in modern life and relates to popular culture.
Invites us into the NPG

Grayson is an Essex boy and retains his roots  having even gone as far as creating  A house for Essex.

After a successful Reith lecture series and some documentaries Grayson has now created a series of 'portraits' around British identity which has spawned a TV series (on Channel 4 TV) and artefacts amongst pictures of the Great and Good in the National Portrait Gallery.

As well as throwing light on the characters that he works with including the seemingly impenetrable  Chris Huhne Grayson has helped bring a whole new audience into the National Portrait Gallery and raised some questions around Identity and Family.

Go and visit and perhaps look at some of the other work too!
(oh yes Grayson's media blitz  continues on BBC radio 4's Midweek today too)

The National Gallery  with a lovely blue sky -The NPG is just around the corner. 

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