Saturday, November 01, 2014

Science Museum and Printing Advances

It's really great news that the 'Design Museum' is going to be a free entry museum in line with so many of the great museums and galleries in London - sad that it won't be until  2016 when they relocate to the former Commonwealth Institute in Kensington  and I think it might be that I find some money and go before then (at their current home 28 Shad Thames, London just by Tower Bridge).
Another great free Museum

That Design is so important to our industrial future was made clear to me when I was at the Science Museum (free entry) recently) it's amazing  how lovely some of the items look as well as being functional.

In addition to the historic bits I was very excited to see how 3D printing is moving into the mainstream not only were there examples of the technology in the halls but there was a printer for sale in the shop (£1,790)

It seems a bit like science fiction already but imagine if you could print a Messerschmitt bubble car (or other bits and pieces) there seems to be questions about if its better environmentally to produce in bulk in a factory or to make locally and avoid much of the transport overhead.

But the future is here
Some examples
You can buy the 3D printer in the Science Museum shop

Be great to print this
Odd that this sort of printer was in use until the 1960's

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