Saturday, October 18, 2014

Seeing photo's in print (once again) and a little helper

Perhaps it shouldn't but it does give me a lot of pleasure to see one of my pictures (the 8th time I think)  in the local paper and yesterday I again had this treat as the picture below (you can see a similar picture of OPEN  from a few days back here) was published -in fact the decision by the editor is very much an editorial one and the accompanying words need top have a relevance/resonance.
The latest Gazette  Picture of The Week

Although I could have taken an amazing picture of  the most beautiful woman in the world (in  Ealing) it wouldn't necessarily fit the requirement without some local connection and even then it might not be suitable.

I've mentioned before my personal history of cameras and although I know a DSLR or another camera can produce some amazing pictures for me the need is to be always (or most of the time) with my camera so I used a compact (currently a Canon SX280)  one accessory that I'm also carrying more often is a small 'table tripod' it can fit in a jacket pocket and is a big help for long exposure night shots or pictures I want to be in.

Three small legs better than my two

Here's a picture I used it on - not great but shows that a long exposure can be managed using walls, benches or similar and a small tripod.

Just by Hans Sloane's Statue

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