Monday, October 13, 2014

Some good signs in Ealing, an (almost) Email free Sunday for me & Politics

Well almost managed to go a day without sending e-mail (just sent a message that had bounced back troubles with BT Mail) and the world doesn't seem to have stopped.

A new face in the High Street.
Out and about in Ealing and had a look around Wholefood Organic store that's opened in the High Street, full marks to the people behind it great to see something fresh that isn't an 'Eatery' or Coffee shop -early days and they have some way to go to catch up with As Nature Intended across the road but it looks like they do drinks and soups to takeaway which is a plus.

There's a bit of a green/independent  tinge on the shops leading down to Ealing Green  - which brings a nice vibe hopefully the non-chain retailers can survive.
Asking for Ideas in Ealing

Good to see too that a survey is being run to get feedback on Ealing Centre -  What's the best idea to improve the centre of Ealing?

What's needed? How can we improve the place?

It can't be a bad idea to ask people what's missing - for me it's more of the quirky stuff- the loyalty card (Make it Ealing) hasn't really worked (we've all got purses wallets full of them) but there might be something that can make Ealing more fun and draw people in, perhaps a mixture of things.

  I saw someone suggest a fountain - I think that might be a little clichéd but perhaps something with lights and projection that would be bright and bold and reflect the localities' heritage  in terms of Art and entertainment?


Well has this been a (another) historic week in British Politics with a UKIP MP in the house or just another protest vote?

The election is only months away and there are questions and concerns about Labour's ability to win the arguments sad (for me) to see them taking the 'easy' way out in the choruses about immigration - certainly in London the new entrants to the capital bring a lot (and this is from The Telegraph).

Let's face it when the electorate is looking down the barrel of a gun (as in the Scotland referendum) they often step back and I think this will be the case on any (real) suggestion about leaving the EU.

And let's face it just because they're 'blokey' doesn't mean that they could bring any intellectual rigour to the complex issues of a twenty first  post industrial  economy

Looking back on the recent conference season  I am thinking that the Lib- Dems do seem to have show some integrity particularly in championing the issues around mental health.

The campaigning will be interesting but for me I will vote for what I believe rather than a second guess of tactical voting to deny power to another party.

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