Tuesday, October 21, 2014

OPEN Ealing Photography course continues with 'Week 3 Portraiture' and more from The School of Life

Last night it was night school and week 3 of the OPEN Ealing Photography class.

This time almost literally we were focusing on Portraiture - some very good tips provided and a useful review of many pictures.
Lighting up time

Lauren had brought along some lights and we had a very willing model suitably decked out in a black T shirt .

The good thing about the lights was that they included a modelling light and triggered flash  via camera flash.

The three points to note when composing a portrait are:
'I have been expecting you Mr Bond.'

1) Golden Triangle

2) Golden Spiral (The Mathemeatician Fibonacci's Rule)

and last but not least

3) Golden Rectangle (yeah like the other two)

 blimey, it's like a good night at the  2012 Olympic games.

The choice of whether to use available light or artificial depends on the nature of the project and of course personal taste - flash can bring problems with reflections that are not always apparent and can give a harsh unforgiving effect on the subject.

Another recommendation we were given was to focus on the eyes, generally the one closest to the camera.

Here are some pictures that I describe as almost portraiture.

[Next week is Street Photography which is having something of a renaissance with a  nod, hopefully back to Vivian Maier  ]

School of Life 

I was pretty sure that Alain  de Botton was having a joke with his existentialist line in jumpers (I was wrong though)  but anyway two good videos on YouTube (one embedded here) .

Something of Plato explained in 'idiot's terms' (not necessarily a bad thing as far as I'm concerned) and good to see that like me others are opting for at least a day away from the all pervasive web ( I did okay this Sunday, nothing sent and no time at the keyboard).

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