Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 2 of The OPEN Ealing Digital Photography Sessions -Landscaping

Well it's Landscape format -Westminster Bridge (by me)
So last night I went along to number two of  the OPEN Ealing eleven digital photography session course
The course is  being run by Photography practitioners Monika and Lauren and very enjoyable it was last night too with some new 'students' as well as many returnees.

The session had been billed as being about 'Landscape' which it largely was  we were told about the 'Golden Hours' which are the hours (one of each) after sunrise and before sunset when the light is potentially at its best.

We were also told about the rule of thirds which you can see in great paintings (at The National Gallery for example) as well as many photos it relies on breaking the frame into a three by three grid.

Like all rules it is (some say) designed to be broken but it's useful to know the rule so that you break it by design rather than ignorance.
Lindos in Rhodes - my favourite of mine

As well as critiquing various pictures that we'd taken and defining Landscape photography as best we could we looked at some of the big names in the field.

The stand-out guy is the american  Ansel Adams and you can see some of his genre defining masterpieces on the net with a search on your preferred engine and find out more about the man  here.

Other photographers of note for their landscape work include Michael Kenna (a British Photographer working mainly in B/W), Andreas Gursky (A German working mainly in Colour) and Michael Wesely who uses extremely long exposures)

Justin Quinnell was also mentioned - his work use extreme pinhole cameras and there's some interesting stuff about him here.

Next week we're looking at Portraiture and this'll include some practical work - was really enthused by the end of class even took a picture on the way home and many more today too.
West Ealing at night

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