Wednesday, October 01, 2014

National Portrait Gallery visit

Earlier in the week I went to the National Portrait Gallery just off Trafalgar Square to take a look at some of the works there.
A singer in Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square like Southbank is a great place to see street performers and people watch - as I went into the gallery I noticed a singer giving it his all.

Some great stuff to see in the Gallery at present - these include a room showing some of Lord Snowdon's photography over the years ( Snowdon: A Life in View)- really nice to see such fine black and white prints Snowdon's use of light and shadow is pretty impressive and he's had some great subjects over the years.

Also taking up one of the side galleries is a selection of portraits by Catherine Goodman (Portraits from Life) excellent works including a fine self portrait demonstrate her talent and skills.

Also nice to see sculptures by Eduardo  Paolozzi including a somewhat self deprecating one of himself and two great works by Sickert  namely portraits of Churchill and Beaverbrook (I wonder if the Scots/Italian artist Jack Vettriano was influenced by Sickert?)

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