Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 4 taking it to the Street (Photography) and celebrating the work of René Burri

As a result of the school's half term holiday this week there was somewhat reduced number of participants in yesterday's OPEN Ealing Photography Class but the subject was nonetheless stimulating and engaging.
Quite literally a Street Photograph 

One of the things that is challenging for me is actually categorising the subjects and the subject of this week session Street Photography it seems to me can cover an awful lot of ground.

On this interpretation I take loads of photo's and think most would be described as 'Street', they're taken on the run and sometimes almost clandestinely.
An un-staged photo taken today in Central London

Henri Cartier-Bresson perhaps the daddy of Photo -journalism looms large in the world of Street photography but he has many who follow in his trail.

Street Photography I suppose tends to be un-posed (although it seems that many examples were actually posed or at least rehearsed) and the photos tend to be shot with available or 'simple' flash only (rather than complex lighting rigs)

A couple of the photographers that I'd not heard of before that I liked the look of were the Brit Martin Parr (often humorous) and someone who offers a somewhat left field interpretation of a Street brief  is the London based Slinkachu.

Of course the enigmatic French Nanny Vivian Maier who took so many photo's in her life time remains a lodestone to many documenters of the everyday

A street bustling with life in Camden, North London

René Burri

René Burri who created some great iconic  photographs recently passed away to see some great photo's take a look here

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