Saturday, October 04, 2014

Crafting Narrative exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor Ealing- shaking the hand that shook Marina's

Every couple of months it seems that the gallery at Pitzhanger Manor has something interesting on and at the moment it's an exhibition called Crafting Narrative.

I must say that I wasn't previously aware of the Crafts Council, which it seems is a UK body that  promotes the UK craft industry and is supported by the Arts Council of England.
An imagined Welsh Space Campaign

The individual displays by a variety of artist are complex and demanding of attention - 

I particularly like the Welsh Space Campaign (Hefin Jones), The Other Way by Carl Clerkin  (some of which reminded me of the objects Nick Pearson has fabricated) and Real Prediction Machines by Auger Loizeau

One of the great things about the exhibition is the signage and the brochure which provides quite a bit of detail (it's free too).

As the touring exhibition is starting in Ealing the organisers are eliciting responses from visitors to help them fine tune the display and I had a really nice conversation with Alma Daskalaki  who is working as Exhibitions Projects Curator with the Crafts Council

Alma was (like me) an enthusiast for the performance artist Marina Abramović and had also seen the 512 event at The Serpentine - speaking with her I was reminded how useful and worthwhile it is in engaging in a conversation about such events.

At the end of our conversation we shook hands and I realised from what Alma had said before that I was shaking a hand that shaken the Hand of Marina!

The gallery is worth a visit and in a side room you can see 'Creative Connections' a collaboration between  Brentside High School and artist Eelyn Leewhich was previously on display at The National Portrait Gallery.

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