Monday, October 27, 2014

4 (other) examples of Twittering

Well some time ago I said I didn't get this twitter thing and to be honest for most things I still don't but when I did my Business of Photography Course the teacher (Grant Smith) did make the point about how important Social media was (although he did admit to being a little less than a perfect example) so now I do twitter (pictures mainly).

(1) So since then I've often twittered pictures (which it seems almost ideal for) - last week I took a couple of pictures of a local pub where the police were in attendance and it was interesting to see how the story developed.
Police attend incident at The Plough, Northfields

(2) I also got a twitter back from a splendid project (thank you David Whitelam)  connected with helping kids - after commenting on a bicycle I'd seen near Ealing Broadway Station in June.
Here's the entry he pointed me at.
A great project - keep it up

(3)I have seen some of  and got back in contact with Simon Perry who I met via the Royal Television Society  and his Digital Lifestyles Blog.

Simon is now the IoW's own  top news-hound and his twitters cover a bunch of  varied items.

(4) Mike Coe is the other person I follow, Mike  exorcises his Eco-Anger and is a regular tweeter. - working under the 'Monica' The Doctor of Music.

I only follow 10 people - and this seems to generate quite a bit of noise but the splendid HistoryinPics is full of great pictorial content.

So I will probably continue with the odd photo's that might be of interest (#tjbourne).

And here's my weekend twitter of The Avenue Market West Ealing..

"No rain and Monroe shines out for the second of the three scheduled 2014 Antique Markets in The Avenue, West Ealing "

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