Saturday, February 18, 2017

More on Pensions and (49)

OK so  just over a week since I had my PensionWise session and although I'd been anticipating some sort of follow up nothing so far on their side (I will offer some feedback if I don't get anything next week).
PensionWise service- better than nothing

One thing I did pick up though was that it's not all down to outside people.

So - I have myself got a projection from Scottish Widows for some of funds (lloks okay as far as I can tell)! and will:

1) Check via websites on accessing and transferring funds I generated when working outside the UK

2) I also need to find out more about the Talisman Product (now under Royal London)   I have with respect to The Profit Share element (this Money saving expert thread demonstrates one area of confusion around Pension funds)

I was interested to learn at my PensionWise session  that should I wish to take action of pension 'pots' to move it to another annuity provider and the funds are worth in excess of £30,000 I need the advice of an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser), before I can make a transfer of my funds -IFA's are required to be impartial but they charge for their services- their fees can be on a percentage basis or a fixed charge.

The Adviser/guide I saw at my PensionWise appointment stressed that I should read the small print of the schemes and check the charges and basis for these charges..

More soon.

Design Museum & Design Ventura

Promoting design in Scools
Really liked learning about the Schools competition that's supported by Design Ventura while I was at the Design Museum.

After the 'pitch' the Competition winners get the chance to work with professionals to create a product to be marketed in the Design Museum shop, a great initiative, my favourite from the display showing previous entries  undoubtedly Invicta Grammar School's Eazy Squeezy for dealing with T- bags

Eazy Squeezy- Simple ideas, often the best 

£64.08 I feel another note coming on


Yes it's actually Southwark Bridge Road

We're going with rotating here

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